Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping. Please check back later for updates on our international shipping options.

What is the cost of shipping & handling?

FREE shipping for all orders over $75. For any order under $75 shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Where are your bags made?

All of our bags are made in the Dominican Republic by local artisans who are paid a fair wage. 

*Please note, while all of our handbags are made in the DR, the guitar straps and other added accessories are not made by our artisans. These are added to enhance the designs.

What materials are used to make the handbags?

At LUCIA, we take great pride in offering a unique and diverse range of handbags that are as exceptional as they are sustainable. We believe in repurposing and upcycling, which is why each handbag in our collection is made from donated high-quality fabric, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation every time. Due to the nature of our process, all of our handbags are crafted from different materials, ensuring that no two designs are exactly alike. 

I am having a hard time reaching someone. Is there another way to be in touch?

YES! If you have tried to reach us at hello@luciachic.com and have not received a response, please accept our apologies. We know how frustrating that can be! The worldwide web is sometimes unpredictable, but we have a solution because we want to remain friends! Please feel free to email us at our parent organization at info@levantaministries.org. 

I made a purchase with a gift card - how am I refunded if I return the purchase?

For a purchase made with a gift card, we can only refund by issuing a LUCIA Gift Card. If you partially paid with a credit card with your Gift Card, we can refund up to the amount paid via a credit card and the remaining balance will be given in a LUCIA Gift Card.

How do I wash my purse?

Purses, particularly those made of delicate fabrics, are generally not designed to be washed. Washing them can lead to irreversible damage, color fading, shrinkage, loss of shape, or even the deterioration of the purse's overall appearance and functionality.

Instead of washing, it is recommended to follow these general purse care tips: 

1.    Spot Cleaning: Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild soap specifically designed for purses. Gently dab or wipe the affected area to remove stains or dirt. Always test any cleaning product on a small, inconspicuous area first.

2.    Protection: Consider using a protective spray or conditioner suitable for your purse's material to help repel stains and maintain its quality.

3.    Professional Cleaning: If your purse requires extensive cleaning or has stubborn stains, it's best to consult a professional cleaner who specializes in purse care. They have the expertise and knowledge to handle different materials properly.

Remember, prevention is key when it comes to purse care. Regular maintenance, gentle cleaning, and proper storage practices will help prolong the life and beauty of your purse.


At LUCIA we love building long-lasting relationships with our customers by providing exceptional products and outstanding service.

Let's be friends! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.